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Use and care instructions

Although the Regal collection is durable, your furniture needs appropriate care. These instructions will help you to care for your furniture to keep it as good as new for a long time.

All Regal products are shipped with assembly, use and care instructions. Normally there is no need to attach shelving into wall structures.
If assemby has been done correctly and no one is climbing on the shelving, there is no danger of shelving falling down.


Wood is a warm and living material. The characteristic colours and patterns make it unique and beautiful. The structure and appearance of the wood depend on where it has grown, the soil, the climate and the age of the wood.

Some wood qualities are relatively even coloured, for example birch and stained tones. On the other hand, the beauty of the nature appears
in its various of tones in some wood qualities, especially in walnut. Interestingly, any uneven colours in real plywood will become more even as the time passes. There is no need to worry about slight uneven colours in your furniture, because the colour will develop and become more even over time.


The elements are packaged so that they will endure normal transportation.

Do not drop the packages, the packaging material cannot protect the elements in a fall.

Check that the packages are not damaged.


1. Check that all the elements and accessories you ordered are included.
2. Firstly, open the packages that contain the lower part of the set. Be careful when removing tape from the packages (for example, be careful if you use a knife as it may cut the surface). The best method is to open the package from the bottom, then fold the flaps across, turn the package around and carefully uncover the element from the package. This way the element is in the correct position when you remove it from its package.
3. Remove any loose shelves for the time being. In formatted elements removal of protection paper is easier, when the socle is being loosened. Cut any tapes carefully or possibly from the bottom to avoid unwanted scratches.
4. Assemble the lower units in their correct places. Leave a minimum of 1.5 cm (0.6") between the wall and the back of the set, because the top panel is deeper than the frame. Make the necessary adjustments to compensate for any uneven floor surfaces. You can do this, for example, by putting folded paper underneath the footing. Fasten the elements together with screws.
5. Fasten the top panels. (Tip: Insert the metal pegs in the top first and it will then be easier to assemble.) In the VTR and LEY parts you should insert the tilting protectors in the holes at the back. Fasten the elements together with screws.
6. In special cases, when combining together various of heights, there might be a need to drill additional holes. Usually this is not necessary.
7. Fasten the top panels. (Tip: Insert the metal pegs in the top first and it will then be easier to assemble.)
8. Fasten the fittings for the shelves to their correct height and put the shelves in place. For glass shelves, you need to install the fittings to keep the glass shelf in place.
9. Open the door packages ONE AT A TIME. The doors have SLIGHTLY different hinges and hinge frames depending on their position. Problems in assembling the doors are often due to incorrect fittings. Follow the assembly instructions carefully. Glass doors without frames need to be tightened by hand. Do not use an automatic screwdriver.
10. Complete the shelving with LKA drawers. You can fasten LKA element's body with either screws into body or bottom. Finish off by installing element's shelve on top of LKA element.

By following the instructions you can avoid mistakes and the set of shelves will be durable and will last for a long time.


Conditions of use

This set of shelves is designed for use in dry conditions. If the set of shelves is continuously subjected to excess humidity, it will be damaged. 

If the set of shelves is exposed to strong sunlight, its colour may fade. 

Do not assemble the set of shelves directly next to a source of heat.

Do not assemble the set of shelves so that it obstructs the opening of doors, as this may cause the corners to get knocked. 

The lighting equipment is approved for use in dry conditions.



The shelves are designed to hold a normal load.

Glass shelves are not designed to hold heavy objects.

Make sure that any objects you put on the shelves cannot easily fall.

Do not climb on the set or it may tilt, or you may fall.

Sharp objects and blows may damage the surface. 

If you keep flowerpots on the shelves, take care that the water does not damage the surfaces, for example, by placing a tray underneath the pot.



Clean the painted, lacquered and laminated surfaces with water soluble cleaning agents.

Once you have cleaned the surfaces, wet a cloth in clean water and wipe the surfaces, then wipe them dry.

Wipe strongly colouring stains, such as coffee, red wine, or red candle wax off immediately, or the surface may become discoloured.

If you are removing difficult stains, such as ink, tea or grease using solvents, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents.

Clean the glass surfaces with neutral (check the pH value) liquid detergents with a soft brush or similar. You can use special substances to remove stains, or to clean the glass, provided that you follow the instructions carefully. 


Damaging substances

The following things are damaging to painted, lacquered and laminated surfaces:

Alkaline and acidic detergents 

Abrasive detergents and harsh cleaning pads

Lengthy contact with water

Hot water

Hot objects

The following things are harmful to glass surfaces:

Strikes and blows

Abrasive detergents and harsh cleaning pads

Strongly alkaline liquid detergents


Empty the assembled set of shelves before moving it. Remove the elements and move them one at a time.

Important finnish acts

- Product Responsibility Act (694/1990), valid from 1/9/1991
- Consumer Product Safety Act (914/1986), valid from 1/7/1987




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