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Regal Metal

Regal is a Finnish shelf series representing stylish Scandinavian design, the starting point of which is timeless design and durable quality. The Regal series has very versatile frame, door and drawer options, from which you can create functional and beautiful ensembles for all rooms in the home. You can also supplement and modify the Regal interior according to your life situation.

  • Metal legs in black or brushed steel.
  • Total height of metal footrest 22.5 cm, free height 18.5 cm. Adjustable support leg.
  • Up to eight different standard measurements with the possibility to adjust measurements: length max 240 cm.
  • Stylish panel and glass doors can be chosen with or without handles. If you choose without a handle, the doors have a push-to-open mechanism installed in the frame.
  • The panel door has 10 panels per door. The panel is 35 mm wide and the distance between the panels is 3 mm.
  • regal metal
  • regal metal
  • regal metal
  • regal metal


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